Technology Enabled Solutions

Dimension Technologies (5DT – courtesy of TOPGEAR) provides access to driving simulators – an effective technology solution to augment or replace face-to-face training.  The 5DT Multi-Industry Training Simulator offers a single modular training simulator solution for multiple industries, such as Oil & Gas, Trucking (Commercial Driver’s License [CDL]), Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Aviation and many more.  A single simulator system can be used for multiple programs instead of buying training simulators for each program, making it much more cost-effective. Training simulators immerse operators into a virtual training environment with real vehicle/machine controls.  Training simulators offer a wide range of benefits for training institutions, such as: 

  • Cost-effective 
  • Facilitates 24/7/365 Training 
  • High “Coolness” Factor 
  • Highly Effective Training Tool 
  • Controlled Training Environment 
  • Convenient 
  • Safe Training Method for Emergencies 
  • Fit for All Generations 

5DT also offers a behaviour-based driver safety application, DriveVUE – a system that improves driver behaviour by monitoring the driver continuously, correcting the driver immediately and reinforcing the correct driver behaviour after trips and during downtime



Specialist Services

Vehicle audits and upgrades etc 

  • Fit for purpose Vehicle Audits 
  • Upgrade of Safety Specifications and systems 
  • Incorporation of new technologies in vehicle safety 
  • Upgrade Installations

Supply of Vehicle Recovery Equipment  

  • Recovery anchor points 
  • Rollover and Fall Protection Systems 
  • 4×4 Securetech Recovery Equipment  That includes :
    • Pull & Snatch Straps 
    • Bow Shackles 
    •  Recovery safety equipment 
    • Winches 
    • Traction Mats (sand mats) 
  • Safety related accessories 

Our Suppliers