About Us

Driving Quotient (DQ) refers to a driver’s ability to utilise intelligent skills to positively impact safety, compliance and well-being – not just for themselves but also for their passengers, pedestrians, other road users and the environment.  

We formed DQ-Middle East to enhance advanced driver training, aligned to international best practices and exceeding the current standards within Oman. Our goal is to offer our clients a positive driver training experience that will leave them with tangible benefits. We are transforming driving mobility to make driving more intelligent for everyone throughout Oman and the GCC.  

DQMiddle East is a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Enterprises (established in 1986 in the Sultanate of Oman).  The group of companies covered a diverse range of commercial activities, including retail, trading, real estate, construction, assembly, medical and information technology




Approach to Managing Work-Related Road Risk

By taking a step-by-step approach and linking to the other safety and staff management procedures within an organisation, an efficient and robust system to manage Work-Related Road Risk (WRRR) can be implemented.  Our 4-point plan uses the following elements to achieve this aim:

Review the broader safety objectives and how the organisation’s leaders manage these objectives.

Review the WRRR systems and policies already in place.

Implement a Driver Risk Assessment Programme.

Evaluate the performance of this Programme to Improve WRRR.