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Research indicates that driver training incorporating only basic vehicle control skills and law has little long-term effect on driver performance. Once a driver has qualified in basic skills and knowledge, further refresher training in this content area (as demonstrated in many “driver improvement” courses) yields minimal positive effect.

We believe that behaviour based driver improvement efforts incorporating driver attitudes, risk perception and emotional intelligence amongst other basic psychological constructs are now gaining traction worldwide According to the International Road Federation, the most important criterion for safe driving is a perfect balance between risks and capabilities, regardless of what those capabilities are.

For driver education to truly effect a reduction in incident frequency and encourage more responsible driver actions, ongoing training and refresher training programs must incorporate the concepts of behaviours, motivations and attitude. Training must assist in the development of higher order skills including risk perception, advanced visual search and observational skills, as well as attitudinal components that encourage risk reduction and an understanding of the external and internal influences on a driver’s risk tolerance.

DQ recently joined the Association for the Advancement of Radical Behaviour Analysis (AARBA) to advance the implementation of a behaviour based approach to safe driver training.