DQ Middle East Institute strives to achieve excellence in driver training, delivering advanced driving techniques, road safety, security driving courses and defensive driver training solutions in the Gulf region.

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We believe that reducing road traffic accidents can only be achieved by improving the current skill levels, driving intelligence and knowledge of the driving population through our various courses, which lead to advanced courses.

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DQ Middle East service offering ranges from Defensive Driving to Emergency Response Training,  including:

Defensive Driver Training- both Light & Heavy Vehicles

Defensive Driving Training and Assessment Skills (TAS)

Defensive Driving Training and Assessment Skills Refresher

Defensive Driving Training Manager Course


We entered a partnership with the TopGear Driving Academy (South Africa), with a proven track record and vast experience in advanced driver training in Africa.


Focuses on several industries

Mining Industry

Financial Services

Petro-Chemical Industry

Construction & Transport Companies

Government Departments.


Another value added partner

Driver risk management

Driver training consultancy

Providing specialist services for businesses, organisations and individuals.


Dimension Technologies (5DT – courtesy of TopGear) provides access to driving simulators – an effective technology solution to augment or replace face-to-face training.

The 5DT Multi-Industry Training Simulator offers a single modular training simulator solution for multiple industries, such as Oil & Gas, Trucking (Commercial Driver’s License [CDL]), Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Aviation and many more.  A single simulator system can be used for multiple programs instead of buying training simulators for each program, making it much more cost-effective.

Training simulators immerse operators into a virtual training environment with real vehicle/machine controls.  Training simulators offer a wide range of benefits for training institutions, such as:


Facilitates 24/7/365 Training

High “Coolness” Factor

Highly Effective Training Tool

Controlled Training Environment


Safe Training Method for Emergencies

Fit for All Generations

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The impression and impact of the training course conducted by OPAL is by all means beyond my expectations, the promptness, level of professionalism and the sincerity are beyond expectations, I can’t say I was lucky to attend such an informative well-organized training, but will say I’m privileged for such informative and delightful training experience. Well, I would like to say I’m proud and wish you all the best in what you are doing. Lastly, would like to say we’re fighters on the frontline for awareness and training. 

Anas Al-Zadajli
Company: Safety Cooperation Services